Treating Attacker as a Hero Exposes Moral Deprivation in Turkey’s Politics

Making a Hero Out of an Attacker. The Aftermath of Mob Attack Against Opposition Leader Reveals Moral Corruption in Turkey’s Politics.

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(Photo: AFP)
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Osman Sarigun is detained by gendarmerie forces after public criticism. (Photo: Twitter)

The Power of Hate Speech

The tragic incident of this past Sunday represents a complete breakdown of social and civic decorum, signaling a bleak political future rife with potential strife and perils. But for observers of Turkey’s most recent political affairs, the attack was not surprising altogether. However startling it may seem at the moment, it was long in the making, especially after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other senior government leaders’ incessant hate speech and relentless efforts to demonize the members of the opposition party before and after the local elections.

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