Specters of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Haunt US During George Floyd Protests

The philosophical clash between two titanic figures — Malcolm X and Martin Luther King — over the nature of social change for the black rights movement recurred during George Floyd protests.

Protesters gather in Washington, D.C., to demand justice for George Floyd in this June photo. (Photo Credit: USA Today)

King and George Floyd Protests

Protesters burn a police vehicle in Atlanta. (Photo Credit: Associated Press)
Martin Luther King Jr. speaks in front of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963.

‘No Justice, No Peace’

Malcolm X delivers his seminal speech in 1964.
A short New York Times documentary reconstructs the last moments of George Floyd.

Malcolm X’s Legacy

Martin Luther King Jr. (L) and Malcolm X are seen together — in their only meeting — in Capitol Hill in 1964. (Photo Credit: Library of Congress)


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