Would Turkish Scientists Ponder Homecoming After Ankara’s Call?

As NASA Scientist Serkan Golge languishes in prison, why would others return to Turkey?

NASA Scientist Serkan Golge (Image: Courtesy of Kubra Golge).

Science Cannot Thrive Without Truth

Much ink has been spilled over the increasingly slippery nature of truth in contemporary politics, the ascendancy of post-truth politics in the global world and the abiding struggle of restoring facts into their esteemed place in the social discourse and public domain. Whether it is China where authorities exhibit the most advanced techniques of Orwellian reshaping of the country’s archives or Russia where journalists are gunned down just yards away from Kremlin or Turkey where journalists have been imprisoned en masse, the truth is no longer taken for granted. Ankara’s perennial war on media, free expression and all institutions of the truth is a matter of public knowledge. That said, politicians take this ontological crisis of truth one level further every month with their baffling remarks.

Virginia-based journalist and writer. Politics, culture, art, and technology. American political affairs, Turkey, the MidEast, and beyond. Twitter: @abyasun

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