After Premature Birth Amid Turkey’s Coronavirus Frenzy, Babacan’s Party Seeks to Reboot Political Fortunes

Erdogan’s former economy Czar defected with a breakaway party. But his boldest gamble initially became a victim of coronavirus frenzy. He now seeks a recoup with a media blitz.

Ali Babacan and founding members of the new DEVA Party pose for a photograph during the party’s launch this March. (Photo: social media)
Former Economy Minister Ali Babacan (R) was one of the closest associates of President Erdogan. (Photo: AFP)

The Story of Break With Erdogan

Former Economy Minister Ali Babacan (L), President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Center) and former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

Attempts to Avoid Association With Erdogan’s Toxic Legacy

The Myth of Babacan the Savior

A Fresh Voice and New Face

Babacan and Turkey Purge

“KHK (people) are our bleeding wounds. Even the neighbors had to cut their relationship because they are labeled. People are naturally frightened. Their honors should be restored as soon as possible, at the moment if possible.” (Ali Babacan)

Conclusion: Building Momentum and Challenges

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